Assisting you, Advising you, Defending you.
CLC designs effective solutions and gives concrete answers to satisfy the needs of clients who are confronted, in a globalised economy, with the complexity of legal rules and the rigour with which they are implemented.

The concept of the legal profession is clear :
excellence combined with etics.

A Firm which advises and defends its clients in strictest compliance with the constraints of the law, CLC fosters the fair application of legislations and even the emergence of innovative texts and decisions, which are appropriate to the day-to-day reality of each one and to the world of business.



CLC: A team with proven experience

CLC is a firm of lawyers that intervenes in Advice and Litigation. Created 20 years ago and dedicated in tax law and business law, it provides all legal services for companies, property and individuals. It is organised to provide its clients with the best availability and the necessary assistance to maintain constant vigilance and to ensure the most reliable or even the most innovative analyses.

Its competence has been built on by going beyond higher education (law, accounting, the notary's profession, criminology) and draws on the diverse experience acquired within the tax and financial Administration, in public and private companies in the industrial, banking and commercial sectors and in professional bodies which represent the broadest economic interests.


A demand
for excellence and ethics

This requirement establishes the objectives of the firm...

  • To defend the rights of everyone, the business and the citizen, the individual and executive
  • To foster the fair application of rules and the development of solutions which respect the interests of individuals and of society
  • To take a stance in complete independence, without collusion or concession, with the greatest transparency and in complete confidentiality

...and governs its methods

  • To strive for the greatest analytical precision and best legal security
  • A technical relationship nurtured by humanity, pedagogy and methodical communication with respect to costs, reliability and notoriety
  • A high-quality network of competence

Practice areas

Tax law

CLC offers leading expertise in advice and litigation covering all areas of taxation, both on a national and international level.
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Business law

CLC accompanies businesses, their shareholders and their managers in all operations relating to the organisation, development and restructuring of their activities, anticipating the risks of litigation.
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Criminal Law

CLC intervenes in all economic areas where a penalty is incurred in order to advise its clients in the prevention of the criminal risk or to assist them during proceedings in criminal matters.
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As it has expanded and gained experience, CLC has established privileged relationships with other independent professionals in the legal, accounting and communication fields.

CLC can call on the expertise and loyalty of colleagues in PLA/media, industrial risk, solicitors, accounting experts/auditors, notaries or consultants in information strategy and crisis management to assist its clients with their operations in France or abroad.

For several years the firm has specialized in handling cases in French-speaking Europe (Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium).

CLC’s privileged relationship with these firms nonetheless respects their independence and imposes no exclusivity, so CLC is also ready to work with its clients’ usual providers and consultants.



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