Criminal law

CLC intervenes in all economic areas where a penalty is incurred in order to advise its clients in the prevention of the criminal risk or to assist them during proceedings in criminal matters.

The Firm advises and assists individuals, businesses and their managers in all stages of judicial procedures: home searches and visits, judicial inquiries and information, representation before disciplinary bodies, administrative authorities and the courts.

CLC has developed particular expertise in the area of criminal-tax law. Tax and criminal sanctions now affect all asset, financial and international operations and are applied to taxpayers (individuals and businesses), but also their Counsel, who may be implied in these procedures. CLC assists and represents them; it aims for negotiated solutions, to the extent possible, and in agreement with its clients.

Criminal business law

  • Criminal law of companies: abuse of corporate assets, fraud, breach of trust, bankruptcy, compliance
  • Financial criminal law: money laundering, corruption, influence peddling, the illegal acquisition of interests, breaches of competition and consumer law (unlawful agreements, unfair competition)
  • Criminal labour law: psychological harassment, psychosocial risk

Criminal tax law

  • Audit fraud
  • Tax offences: fraudulent manoeuvres, abuse of rights
  • Criminal offences: tax evasion, money laundering and related offences
  • VAT carousel
  • Assistance and representation before the tax law abuse Committee, the Commission for tax offences and before the judicial authorities

Settlements and litigation

  • Assistance during home visits, police detention or customs detentions
  • Assistance and representation of the assisted witness, person under investigation and civil party within the framework of a judicial inquiry
  • Procedures as an alternative to criminal prosecution: settlement, mediation, composition, appearance on prior acknowledgement of guilt
  • Representation before the authorities and criminal courts