Business law

CLC accompanies businesses, their shareholders and their managers in all operations relating to the organisation, development and restructuring of their activities, anticipating the risks of litigation.

Apart from general assistance to businesses (legal secretariat, contractual relations), CLC deals with all areas of business law: complex long-term financial operations such as acquisitions or transfers of companies, mergers or divisions, fund raising operations or the issue of securities, both with respect to the strategy to adopt and the negotiation and the level of accomplishment of these operations.

The Firm carries out its activities with a concern for innovation which characterises it, in particular in the sectors of activity in which new legal practices are emerging.

One of the specificities of CLC lies in the close articulation with tax law, the structuring element for negotiations and all economic operations.

Company mergers

  • The transfer or purchase of businesses, partial contribution of assets, transfer of assets
  • Assistance in the negotiation and drafting of contractual documents: preparatory deeds, transfer deeds, shareholders’ agreements
  • Takeovers
  • Capital intensive operations

Company law

  • Legal follow-up of the company: constitution, legal secretariat, capital operations, merger, division, transformation, creation of establishments and subsidiaries, dissolution, liquidation, restructuring operations
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Transfers of corporate rights
  • Governance, status of managers

Business law

  • Negotiation
  • Civil and commercial contracts
  • Breakdown of commercial relations and negotiations

Business litigation

  • Settlement of disputes relating to the negotiation, the performance or the termination of commercial contracts
  • Participatory transactions and procedures
  • Liability litigation
  • Unfair competition litigation
  • Management of the criminal risk